- Seven Hells Bike Tour, 2009-


Meet at the large statue at east edge of Panhandle  (Baker, between Fell and Oak). This year, we ask that you warm up prior to our ride. We’re jumping right in with a climb up Twin Peaks. From statue, head west in the Panhandle until Masonic.


Masonic Ave. (Moderately Hard) up to Clayton

1. Left on Masonic, and take to top of the hill.

2. At top of Masonic, a few squiggles to Roosevelt, and continue to 17th street.

3. Right on 17th and left onto Clayton for one short block.

4. Straight through intersection and up Twin Peaks Blvd.


Twin Peaks, (Moderate) and over to Mt. Davidson

1. Straight through intersection and up Twin Peaks Blvd.

2. At next intersection, left to continue up Twin Peaks Blvd.

3. Down the other side and right onto Portola.

4. Go past the shopping center and down the hill a bit.

5. Continue through intersection with Laguna Honda Blvd. and move into left lane.

6. At next intersection (sign points left to Miraloma and right to Kensington), head left up Marne.

7. First right onto Juanita Way and veer left.

8. Left at Dalewood.


Dalewood (Very Hard), down Sloat and around Lake Merced

1. Take to the top.

2. At first intersection, veer left and head down Myra.

3. At next intersection, right onto Molimo, then left onto Bella Vista.

4. Take Bella Vista all the way down to Teresita.

5. Left on Teresita, right on Juanita and left onto Evelyn Way.

6. Left on Portola and down to intersection with Sloat Blvd.

7. Right on Sloat.

8. Just past Sunset Blvd., left onto Skyline Blvd. and veer left onto Lake Merced Blvd. (Stay on road rather than pathway).

9. Loop Lake Merced 1-1/2 times. When we hit southern tip of the lake the 2nd time, head south on Lake Merced  Blvd briefly.


Skyline, back to Lake Merced and Ocean Beach

1. Right at John Daly Blvd. and head up to Skyline.

2. Right on Skyline and head back down to the City, rejoining Lake Merced.

3. Take Skyline Blvd. back to Sloat.

4. Left on Sloat and down to Great Highway at Ocean Beach.

5. Right on Lower Great Highway and take all the way to Golden Gate Park.


The Cliff House and climb to the Legion of Honor (Moderate)

1. The Great Highway becomes Point Lobos Ave. Take it up the hill as it winds past the Cliff House.

2. At first intersection, make left onto El Camino Del Mar and then a quick right onto Seal Rock Drive.

3. After two brief climbs, street becomes Clement. Conitnue straight and make left onto Legion of Honor Drive.

4. Take Legion of Honor drive up through the golf course to the museum at the top.


Seacliff, climb to the Golden Gate Bridge (Moderate), Crissy Field and The Marina

1. Right onto El Camino Del Mar and down, staying on same street, wind through Seacliff.

2. At 25th Ave. El Camino Del Mar becomes Lincoln Blvd. Take to top of hill.

3. Follow Lincoln Blvd. past turn-off to Golden Gate bridge.  Road veers to the right.

4. After the overpass, left onto Cowles St., left onto McDowell Ave. down to Crissy Field. At bottom, make a right onto Mason Street.

5. Take Mason Street through Crissy Field. At Sports Basement, carefully cross against traffic and get into pedestrian/bike path.

6. At Divisadero, cross right over Marina Blvd., and head towards toward Pacific Heights.


Divisadero (Hard), Broadway and approach to Nob Hill

1. Take Divisadero  to top.

2. Left onto Broadway.

3. Stay on Broadway . Cross Polk street. and stay in right lane. Cross Hyde and enter sidewalk directly to right of tunnel. Head up the sidewalk, above the tunnel.


Nob Hill (Easy), down to Embarcadero, 3rd Street and into the Mission

1. Right on Leavenworth, left on Washington and right on Taylor. Right onto California St.

2. At California, take a left and head on down the hill to end of the cable car line (at the Hyatt Regency).

3. Right onto Drumm, immediate left onto Market, and right onto the Embarcadero.

4. Follow the Embarcadero along the waterfront.

5. Right after passing AT&T Park, merge into left lane of traffic. Turn left and cross the 3rd Street bridge (I prefer taking the walkway to the metal-grated roadbed).

6. Take 3rd St. all the way to 16 St.

7. Right on 16th St.

8. Left on South Van Ness.

9. Right on 21st. St.


21st Street (Very Hard) and down to Clipper

1. Take 21st St. up. You’ll be climbing a series of hills, some steep and some not. The last one is the good one.

2. Left  on Sanchez and down to 24th St.

3. Right on 24th St. and left on Castro.

4. Right on Clipper.


Clipper (Very Hard) to Portola

1. Take Clipper to the top. The first part of this climb is the toughest.

2. Left on Portola


Twin Peaks (Easy) and back to Statue

1. Right onto Twin Peaks Blvd. and back up to the top of Twin Peaks.

2. Down the other side .

3. Left onto Clayton. Cross 17th St. and veer right onto Ashbury.

4. Right on Waller and left on Masonic.

5. Down to Panhandle, right onto bike path and end at statue.