Bike Program Report
Edited by Niko Letunic

Bike Lanes: Striping kicked off with an awesome press event on January 30th: Valencia (from Market to Tiffany). Striped! Polk (Turk to Grove; Grove to Hayes is pending) and Grove (Polk to Hyde; Van Ness to Polk is pending). Should have been striped by now: Post (Presidio to Steiner), Sickles (Alemany to San Jose, north side), 8th St. (Bryant to Market), Kirkham (6th to 9th Ave.), Taraval (Dewey to Forest Side), 14th St. (Guerrero to Folsom, south side), and Ulloa (Forest Side to 15th Ave.).

Bike Paths: Installed: a bollard on Duboce, at Church, to prevent cars from entering the bikeway and new turn-prohibition signs at all approaches to this intersection. Begun: the closure of Arguello, south of Kezar, to car traffic. Approved by Transportation Authority: $708,000 for improvements to the G.G. Park panhandle path (including lighting) and the Kezar path.

Bike Shorts: The Transportation Authority also approved $310,000 for bicycle improvements at the Alemany/Brotherhood /Orizaba intersection. Bike racks have been installed at City Hall, near the Polk and Van Ness entrances. A review of the bike-racks-on-Muni project indicated low usage; the Bicycle Program is recommending that the pilot project be expanded to include longer cross-town bus routes that serve a larger population.