Quick Releases

Bike Pioneer
In December, Caltrain dedicated the bike parking at its new terminal to Lawrence "Cap" Thomas, III, "Pioneer of Bike Access on Caltrain." Cap was a passionate bike and train enthusiast. He spoke the train operators' in language, his professional style earned him respect with the officials at the Joint Powers Board, and his dedication and hard work marshaled the grassroots support necessary to win access. Now, with seats removed and custom racks that he helped design installed, every train has room for 24 bikes. It's the best bike access program in the country. The next time you ride on Caltrain with your bike, remember Cap.

Golden Gate Bridge Safety Railing Update
The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District has come up with several designs for a safety railing that will run along the inside of the sidewalks flanking the bridge, eliminating the possibility of cyclists falling onto the roadway in case of an accident. But the project is seriously flawed.

The proposed plan is to re-route cyclists on the west (ocean) side of the bridge and force us to enter and exit the bridge by way of a narrow, suspended concrete bridgeway on the north side.

This proposal has been made because the railing would greatly impair visibility for drivers approaching the brige from the north traveling southbound. No matter that it's more dangerous for cyclists!

The District wants input. Please contact Noel Stampfli, Engineer at the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway Transportation District at (415) 923-2328. Or contact Paul Carroll of the SFBC at (415) 383-8055.

Putting Bikes in Their Place
Under what Dewey decimal subject heading would you find books on bicycling? Sports? Certainly. Transportation? Not in the US. Seems back when Dewey was decimaling, he didn't realize that, besides being fun, bikes are the most energy efficient way to get from point A to point B. Want to get bikes listed where they rightfully belong, under sports and transportation? Contqct Jeqn Mitchell, Executive Director, Forest Press, 6565 Frantz Road, Dublin OH 43017, Joan_Mitchell@oclc.org