Environmentalists Join Forces for Change by Elizabeth Sullivan

While more than 75% of San Francisco residents call themselves environmentalists, few have become advocates and supporters for ecological progress and improvements in the city.

Recently, the Environmental Organizing Committee (EOC) was formed to change this situation and to build political power for SF's environmental movement. The group was formed by leaders of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the Southeast Alliance for Environmental Justice (SAEJ), the Sierra Club, San Francisco Tomorrow, the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters, and others.

The EOC will focus on one city-based campaign at a time. We will create a framework for political debate and maintain a steady presence on the San Francisco political scene. We will also establish permanent staffing and a financial base to see our projects through to completion.

In addition, the EOC intends to accomplish the following:

  1. Recruit and support candidates for local offices who will put sustainability first.
  2. Coordinate the political efforts of volunteers and local environmental groups around specific issues.
  3. Support elected officials with information and issues analysis.
  4. Raise money to support the environmental agenda.

    Our first campaign will be for a charter amendment to reform the Muni system. We want to make Muni an attractive and efficient alternative to cars, and we need volunteers.

    Want to help create a more environmentally friendly city? Become a member! A year's membership in the EOC is $50. Please send your check to San Francisco Environmental Organizing Committee, 44 Woodland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94117. To save paper, time, and money, we will use email for most of our communications with members. So please be sure you give us your email address.

    For more information about the Environmental Organizing Committee, contact Elizabeth at 415-285-5842 or ecsullivan@hotmail.com.