Bike Program Report
Edited by Leah Shahum

Bike Lanes: The Planning Department has completed reports showing no negative environmental effect for bike lanes on Arguello Blvd., between Fulton and Jackson Sts., and bike lanes and wide curb lanes on Polk St., between Vallejo and McAllister Sts. Polk will next be discussed at the Small Business Commission. The Arguello lanes will be calendared with the Board of Supervisors.

Bike Paths: DPT requested that "NO BIKES" pavement logos be removed from the path on the west side of Kezar Dr., south of JFK Dr.

Bike Shorts: Muni will remove unneeded switches and curved track at Market and First Sts. and at Market and Fremont Sts. to improve bicycle safety. Two tunnels for bike access to Golden Gate Park's Polo Field should be established in two months. DPT approved the requirement of providing secure, monitored bike parking at public events. DPT is researching funding sources for painting additional green bicycle pavement stencils. Cost estimate of painting stencils on remaining Class III routes is $254,000. The city's updated, official bicycle route map should be ready for Bike to Work Day in May. Funding has been secured to close Middle Drive in GGPark and create the Bicycle Learning Area. The CA Office of Traffic Safety will fund a Share the Road Campaign for SF. This will focus on safe cycling on narrow shared use streets, as well as cyclists' and motorists' responsibilities.