Tube Times Index

  1. Average speed of vehicles on Midtown avenues in NYC in 1998: 7.6 mph
  2. In 1997: 8.4 mph
  3. Average vehicle speed on crosstown streets in NYC in 1998: 5.9 mph
  4. Percentage of San Francisco households with no cars: 31%
  5. Percentage of San Francisco households with just one car: 42%
  6. Auto ownership rate in the most compact SF neighborhoods: 0.5 autos per household
  7. Actual cost of gallon of gas, when taxes, insurance, military costs, subsidies to petro-industry, etc. are included in the price: $15.14
  8. Ratio of the price of a gallon of crude oil to the wholesale price of a gallon of Evian water: 1 to 11

SOURCES: 1-3, New York Post as reported in electronic bulletin from Tri-State Transportation Campaign, 2-26-99; 4-6, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research (SPUR); 7, International Center for Technology Assessment; 8, Harper's Magazine, March 1999