SF Pedal Campus

Have a friend who wants to become a cyclist or bike commuter? Don't feel confident teaching them the ropes? Want to brush up on some street survival skills yourself?

DPT and SFBC are collaborating to hold city cycling classes, targeting different experience levels and combining classroom and on-street instruction. Evening, weekend, and daytime classes will be offered. Participants will receive prizes (helmets, lights, maps, survival guides) that will make cycling easier and less painful! Call Leah at 431-BIKE, x.2 or Nick at 554-2309 to sign up. Let us know your experience and when you can attend. Look for dates and locations to be announced in the Tube Times.

Tip(s) of the Month:
When riding near trucks, buses, or other large vehicles, make sure you stay out of their blind spots. Pass on the left: Don't get caught between oversized vehicles and the curb. Stay at least four feet from the sides, so you can't fall under the wheels. Be far enough behind so you can see their mirrors and anything in the street (potholes, rates, tracks, debris).