Bike Program Report

BIKE SHORTS: DPT will receive $10,000 in DKS Associates consulting time to address bicycle facility improvements that could reduce on-street parking or traffic capacity. DPT designed a potential reconfiguring for the Duboce/Market/Buchanan intersection at the Duboce Avenue Bikeway. Duboce Ave. (between Guerrero and Market) would be restriped so that turns onto Buchanan St. would be made at slower speeds. It would also bulb-out two corners and widen the east Market crosswalk to better accommodate bicycles. DPT met with representatives of the Skating Advisory Committee (SAC) to discuss a trial project of allowing skating on selected bike routes.

BIKE LANES: DPT staff did a walk-through inspection of Valencia Street between 15th and 23rd Sts. to look at ways to discourage double-parking in bike lanes. The walk yielded ideas for more yellow zones. Folsom St. between 3rd and 4th Sts. was restriped and a bike lane added. Bike lane painted at Post St. between Presidio Blvd. and Steiner St. DPT reviewed the possibility of extending the Market St. bike lanes from Octavia to 8th Sts. This would require the loss of 30+ parking spaces. DPT is proposing a compromise part-time tow-away that would remove 20 parking spaces during commute hours DPT is studying the addition of bike lanes on Spear and Mission Sts. to allow bike access around Embarcadero Plaza.