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      Decrease in injuries to bicyclists nationally in past 5 years: 15%
        Increase in bicycle use nationally in past 5 years: 89%
          Decrease in injuries to pedestrians nationally: 18%
            Increase in amount of walking nationally: 13%
              Increase in amount of federal funding for bike and pedestrian programs: $238 million in 1997
                Weight of a Ford Model T, 1908: 1,200 pounds
                  Weight of new Ford Excursion 4x4: 7,047 pounds
                    Fuel economy for a Model T: 17 mpg
                      Fuel in-economy for a 2000 Ford Excursion: 15/18 mpg
                        Weight of 1910 Iver-Johnson bicycle: 35 pounds
                          Average weight of typical bicycle today: About 25 pounds

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