Volunteer Projects

With such a tiny staff, the SFBC relies extensively on the generous donation of time, passion and energy from our members. If you're feeling generous, give us a call if any of these projects pique your interest.

1. Got bike? Thanks to our ever-increasing membership, it now takes 1.5 hours and 3 people to transport the newsletter to the bulk mail center by bike. YOU too could be one of those hardy souls! If you've got the time, we've got the trailers.

2. Almost too good to be true, the real-life Project 20 program lets you pay off your bike/car/parking tickets by volunteering at registered non-profits, like, um, the SFBC! This the only way to both settle your Carmic debt and avoid giving the DPT any of your pretty pennies.

3. Pancake breakfast fund-raiser! We want one, but don't have time to organize it alone. Can you help whip up an entertaining feeding and SFBC benefit? Call Mary at 431-BIKE, x-1 about any of these projects.