Bike Program Report

BIKE LANES: Arguello Blvd. between Fulton and Jackson Sts., and Polk St. between Post and Turk Sts. should be restriped with bike lanes this Fall. Striped: Bike lanes on Eighth St. between Market and Bryant. Howard St. wide curb lanes - Complete between 6th and 10th Sts. (22.5 feet with parking). The section between 1st and 6th Sts. will be restriped when the street is resurfaced in a few months. The section between The Embarcadero and 1st St. is awaiting restriping. DPT will be restriping both the North and South Embarcadero to widen each bicycle lane by one foot by narrowing the traffic lanes.

BIKE SHORTS: The Fifth and Mission Garage will be compliant with the City Bicycle Ordinance once DPT installs 6 new lockers and 2 racks. The Moscone Center Garage will be compliant upon installation of 6 new racks. Page/Stanyan Streets - Red zones will be painted at the west side of this intersection to prevent cars from blocking the bike path entrance and to improve visibility between eastbound bicyclists and southbound Stanyan St. traffic. This includes a 10-foot red zone north of the north crosswalk. The DPT Bicycle Program will advertise for a Junior or Assistant Transportation Engineer with bicycle-related traffic engineering experience.