Bikesummer Reflections from S.F. by Leah Shahum

You're never too young to have the coolest bike on the block, as was learned at Bikesummer's Decorate Your Bike Workshop. Photo by Vince Vitale
The theory proved true: People really did pedal in from points far and wide to celebrate bicycling right here in San Francisco. And a celebration it was! Bikesummer was a success on pretty much every level. What started out as a hopeful effort of a handful of people spread to encompass more than 80 events, at least 100 out-of-town visitors, a first-rate publication, and a month that none of us will soon forget. (To check out first-person accounts and photos from Bikesummer events and the 'zine, see Many thanks to the many people that made this memorable month possible, particularly Greg Howard, Josh Switzky, Mark Motyka, Dave Wilbur, Mike Smith, Nicole McMorrow, Chris Carlsson, Jim Swanson (our wonderful poster artist), Jon Winston, Keeeth, Anna Sojourner, all the Bikesummer event organizers, all our out-of-town new friends, and everyone who distributed stickers, 'zines, posters, and the word.