Fix Transit Gap: Yes on H by Richard Mlynarik

If we want people to drive less, we have to offer convenient alternatives. One important alternative is easy access to wide-ranging public transit. Proposition H will make it official city policy to bridge a frustrating, century-old gap in our regional transit network.

It requires that Caltrain be electrified and linked to the existing dense network of local and regional transit lines in downtown San Francisco via a tunnel under the evolving SOMA gridlock. In the short term, connecting Caltrain, BART, over 30 Muni lines, AC Transit, Golden Gate Transit, SamTrans, and Greyhound simplifies travel to and from San Francisco, the East Bay, and the Peninsula. In the long term, we'll need a centrally-located station to accommodate the projected high-speed and Bay Bridge rail services. And Proposition H improves transportation within San Francisco by providing quiet, clean, electrified express rail service from the city's under-served southeastern neighborhoods into downtown.

With frenzied redevelopment forces transforming South of Market, this is our last chance to give San Francisco the transit hub it deserves. If we don't demand this now, we may find an underground parking garage blocking the train's route forever. Vote Yes on H for a more sustainable and livable Bay Area. For mor information, see