Quick Releases

Mayoral Candidates Embrace Bike Network

Mayoral hopefuls strongly endorsed a citywide bicycle network at a Candidates' Transportation Forum in October, sponsored by the SF Bike PAC, Rescue Muni, and Walk San Francisco. The six candidates attending pledged to implement more bike lanes, even in cases where traffic lane removals might be necessary. The candidates were Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr., Frank Jordan, Clint Reilly, Mark O'Hara, J. R. Manuel, and Jim Reid.

"I want to see more bike lanes," said former Mayor Frank Jordan.

"I support the [bike] plan and that plan will be adopted under my administration," said Mayor Willie Brown.

"It's a matter of safety over convenience," said J.R. Manuel. "Absolutely, I support more bike lanes." Each of the other candidates echoed that sentiment. The SFBC will work to prioritize the completion of the Bicycle Network with whomever is elected.

Amazing Bikes Exhibited

This World War II paratrooper's folding bicycle is part of the Oakland Museum's "Amazing Bikes" exhibit on display until January 30th. Wheelsmith Collection, Palo Alto. Photo by Joe Samberg
The Oakland Museum of California is clearly in the same lane with a bike lover's heart. The current exhibition, Amazing Bikes: Two Centuries on Wheels, has received rave reviews from members who have attended. Running until January 30th, the collection features bicycles from the 1820's to the present, including an early pedal-less "running machine," "velocipedes," high-wheelers, ballon-tire bicycles, even road racers and modern California mountain bicycles. Also on exhibit are posters, prints, photographs and bicycle memorabilia from the collections of Pryor Dodge, Leon Dixon, several California builders and private collectors. In addition, a visitor's resource center is included in the exhibition with a map of East Bay bicycle routes, "We Are Traffic", the Critical Mass movie, brochures from local bicycling organizations and a community bulletin board. Activities and programs for the whole family accompany the exhibit. [Getting there, see p. 4]

Urban Mountain Bike Paradise Planned

Golden Gate Park naturalists, probably including many SFBC members, are growing increasingly upset at the damage caused by mountain bikers on trails in the redwood groves of the park. Yet, these trails provide an important cultural resource-a place to ride semi-technical trails without having to ride or drive your car all the way to Mt. Tam. Tom Fox of the Mayor's Parks Renaissance project has proposed a resolution: Find a suitable place to develop a top-quality technical mountain bikers' paradise as an alternative to the existing trails in the redwood groves. There is funding available to develop the trails, and the possibility of using the woods behind Laguna Honda Reservoir on 7th Avenue for the trail system. Needed: mountain bikers who know how to design great mountain bike trails. Call Dave at 431-BIKE, x-3 to help out.

The Vote is In!

In September, SFBC members voted to adopt new bylaws, changing the tax status of the organization to enable it to lobby more effectively, and approving the creation of a new non-profit educational organization. The high number of ballots returned speaks volumes about member interest in the direction and strategies of the organization: 1009 ballots were returned by the deadline (out of 2300+ sent out). On the question of adopting the revised bylaws, 958 (95%) voted yes, 36 voted no, and 15 people abstained. On the question of converting the SFBC to a non-profit 501c4 organization with an associated 501c3: 974 (97%) voted yes, 28 voted no, and 7 people abstained.

The vote marks a midway point in this process. Now, a committee of the SFBC Board of Directors will work with nonprofit specialist, member Terry Miller, to submit applications to the IRS and appropriate state agencies asking them to approve the conversion of the SFBC's tax status and the creation of the 501c3. The approval of these applications could take as little as two months or as many as six.