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  1. Rank of California among U.S. States in portion of federal transportation funds used for bicycle projects: 36th
  2. Difference in cycling commuting rates in cities with at least one mile of bike lane for every three miles of arterial roadway to those with fewer bike lanes: 3-to-10 times
  3. Portion of San Francisco full-time workers who say that bicycling is "very", "somewhat", or "slightly" possible: 16.7%
  4. Lifetime of state-of-the-art "blue halogen" headlights for high-end automobiles and SUVs: 1000 hours
  5. Lifetime of typical halogen bulb for night time bicycle riding: 2000 hours
  6. Number of votes needed to make the Bylaws and SF Transportation Alternatives ballot "valid" under state law: Over 750
  7. Number of ballot votes returned: Over 1,000!

Sources: 1,2- Environmental Working Group, May 1997; 3- "Commute Profile 1999", Rides for Bay Area Commuters; 4- US Energy Control website; 5- Niterider Corp. website; 6,7- SFBC