SFBC Elections, Volunteers, and Thank-Yous

SFBC to Elect Board of Directors
In December, the SFBC will hold its annual election for membership to the Board of Directors. The Board, which meets monthly as a group and more frequently in committees, oversees the administration, budget, personnel, fundraising, long-range planning, and other Coalition business, and it holds legal and financial responsibility for the SFBC's affairs.

At least five seats are open, each for a two-year term. Candidates should contact Board President John Fall at 415-487-1369 or via email at bikemail@pacbell.net. Campaign statements and a ballot will be included in the December newsletter, and candidates will speak at the December membership meeting. We especially encourage members of underrepresented groups to run.

Extra Special Volunteers
Jeff Swenerton, Wayne Brock, Andy Thornley, Ted Thomas, Dave Favello, Tim Roufael, Beth Verdakel, Jon Winston, Susan Silber, and the Wednesday Night Volunteer Corps.

Thank You
The San Francisco Foundation granted the SFBC $20,000 to promote traffic calming in the city's neighborhoods, especially around schools and parks, with the goal of creating a citywide traffic calming program. In October, Governor Davis signed the "Safe Routes to School" bill, making San Francisco eligible for millions of dollars in traffic calming around schools.