Berkeley Bikestation Blazes Way for SF Stations by Caycee Cullen

As you casually breeze through the downtown Berkeley BART station, you may be wondering what that decorated cage teeming with bikes is all about.

For all of you who have had a bike stolen or worry about your bike every time you lock it up on the street...fear no more. The Bikestation at downtown Berkeley is here! The Bikestation is a free, attended bicycle parking facility in the downtown Berkeley BART station, or, as one regular cyclist describes: "A dream come true."

The Bikestation opened in October and accommodates up to 70 bikes. The first of its kind in the BART system and the third in the nation, the Bikestation is an 18-month long pilot project managed and operated by Bicycle Friendly Berkeley Coalition staff through funds provided by BART, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the City of Berkeley, and several companies.

A Berkeley Bikestation attendant helps a commuter check her bike in for the day as she prepares to ride BART
Cyclists from all over the Bay Area use the indoor, fully monitored Bikestation as part of their daily bike and/or bike-to-transit commutes. Users praise the Bikestation. A woman with a bike she describes as her engagement ring explains, "I wouldn't bike to BART if it wasn't for the Bikestation because I've already had this bike stolen once and I'm not taking that chance again." Another cyclist says, "Because of the Bikestation I don't drive to North Berkeley BART anymore...this is great."

San Francisco is considering building two Bikestations one at the Embarcadero BART station and another at the Caltrain Station and 4th and Townsend. Look for more details in an upcoming Tube Times article.