Project to Ring Bay with Trail by Niko Letunic

Many people do not know that a government-sanctioned plan exists to ring San Francisco and San Pablo Bays with a continuous, 400-mile bicycling and hiking trail along the waterfront. When complete, the Bay Trail-as the project is known-will connect all nine Bay Area counties and every shoreline city, and will cross the major bridges in the region. (The Bay Trail should not be confused with the Ridge Trail, a different project that runs inland, along the ridgeline circling the Bay Area.)

Depending on its location, the Bay Trail consists of paved multi-use paths, dirt trails, bike lanes, sidewalks or signed bike routes. It offers access to points of historic, natural and cultural interest, and to recreational areas like beaches, fishing piers, and more than 130 shoreline parks. By accessing train stations, bus stops and all major ferry terminals, the Bay Trail also provides a connection to the region's transit systems (most of which now allow bikes on board).

To date, approximately half the Bay Trail's length has been completed. Popular segments in San Francisco include the Crissy Field and Embarcadero promenades. For SFBC members who live in zip codes near the Bay Trail, this issue of the newsletter includes a richly detailed pocket map and route guide to the lesser-known parts of the Bay Trail in San Francisco, the portion between the Ferry Building and the San Mateo County line.

Planning of the Bay Trail is coordinated by the San Francisco Bay Trail Project, a nonprofit organization administered by the Association of Bay Area Governments. For more information about the Bay Trail, or to request a copy of the route guide, contact Niko Letunic at 510-464-7915 or at, or visit