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  1. Number of car parking spaces required by the Planning Code in a First & Howard Street development proposal before the Planning Commission Jan. 13: zero
  2. Number permitted without special authorization: 350
  3. Number requested by project sponsors: 1,230 valet
  4. Percentage of SoMa workers who arrive alone by car: 33%
  5. Portion of U.S. car trips under three miles: one half
  6. Time spent each day by drivers in Los Angeles in traffic jams: 100,000 hours.
  7. Cost to U.S. economy of congestion on U.S. highways: $10 billion per year.
  8. Arable land in U.S. that has been paved: 60,000 sq. miles (10% of total).

    Sources: 1-3) SF Planning Department, 4) SF Transportation Authority, 5) Worldwatch Institute, 6) New Internationalist, 7) "The Going Rate", World Resource Institute 8) "New Internationalist" (1989)