Don't Mind the Gap by Niko Letunic

The dangerous conditions on Polk Street are about to end! By the end of this month, it's likely that bike lanes and very wide lanes will have taken the place of narrow traffic lanes on Bike Route 25.

No longer will people traveling by bicycle on Polk Street have to decide between antagonizing the operators of 2-ton motor vehicles by blocking traffic in narrow lanes, or risking serious injury by riding in that narrow zone between parked cars and speeding cars! Bike lanes will be striped in some sections, while others will just have wide lanes. Given the narrow dimensions of this street, wide lanes are safer than bike lanes which in this case would have been especially narrow and restrictive.

Approved by the Board of Supervisors by the bare minimum of six votes, this was a hard won victory. Thanks to SFBC members for being active, and thanks to Supervisors Ammiano, Becerril, Bierman, Katz, Leno, and Yaki for supporting this safety improvement.