Letters to the Editor

Thanks to SFBC

Dear Friends at SFBC,

I have instructed the charitable account I have at Charles Schwab to forward you a gift of $1000.

Please accept my thanks for the work youÕve done. IÕm one of the thousands of bikers now riding on Valencia Street (I was afraid of that street before), and IÕm looking forward to riding down Polk Street, and, of course ...across the Bay Bridge.

Every once in a while I ride in Critical Mass, and though there are all kinds of different points of view represented there, I think the effect of having lots of bikes on the street at once is overwhelmingly positive. How about 10/10/10,000 Ñ a call to everybody with a bike in SF to get out and ride it on October 10th. (ItÕs not a Friday, but still...) Do you think there is any chance of getting 10,000 bikes in the street?

Again, congratulations on Valencia Street, Bike Summer and a generally great year of organizing.


A Grateful SFBC Member

Opposing Prop. B

Dear Editor,

Although the SFBC elected to take a compromising stance on Proposition B, many SFBC members are opposed to the Proposition.

If we want to fund science education for children, as many supporters of Prop. B do, we would do well to spend our limited bond issue money directly on in-school science classes. Proposition B is worded to allow the Academy to use public funds to build supporting structures to a parking garage planned in Golden Gate Park. The parking garage was narrowly approved by voters Ñ after promises it would be a privately funded entity. Philanthropic donations for a parking garage in the park would be better spent on the Academy itself. The Academy has failed to address public transportation, focusing only on the parking garage.

Opponents of Prop. B would like to see the Academy float a new bond issue with more private backing, and one that specifically excludes using public money for supporting structures to the garage. The Academy is a private corporation that should come up with private funds before asking the public to foot the bill.

For more information, visit www.goldengatepark.org.

Anna Sojourner

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