Quick Releases

Valencia Succeeding

The numbers look good for permanent bike lanes on Valencia Street! Since the trial bike lanes were striped last February, bike traffic has increased by 117%! That means almost 200 people use bikes on Valencia every hour during the evening commute, according to recent official DPT traffic counts.

Also impressive, the number of injury accidents on Valencia has decreased by 26%! But remember, the Valencia bike lanes are approaching the end of its trial period and its fate is still to be determined. Stay tuned for ways to help make the Valencia bike lanes a permanent reality!

Call to Action on Market Street

For years, city officials and community activists have been talking about improving Market Street, but with few discernible results. The Mayor even pledged in his October of 1997 State of the City Address to test a trial closure of Market, an idea which was promptly dropped after opposition arose from merchants and developers. A subsequent study prepared by the SF Transportation Authority, at the request of Supervisor Tom Ammiano, called for several follow-up studies, none of which was pursued by the city. Meanwhile on Market Street, pedestrian death rates remain high, unpleasant conditions deter people from biking downtown, Muni passengers and car drivers are held up regularly by traffic on a street that was never designed to be a through-route for private vehicles. Enough is enough.

We are calling for action now: The city should allocate funding in this year's budget for an outside transportation contractor to conduct a full, impartial study of Market Street conditions and how to improve bike and pedestrian safety and Muni efficiency, without negatively affecting business. Please send in the enclosed postcard calling on the Mayor to live up to his promise made more than two years ago to fix Market Street. Also, call or email your Supervisors to urge them to include this important budget item.

Safe Passage for All

The SFBC Wiggle Committee is at it again. Many of you may remember that two years ago the SFBC Wiggle Committee worked hard to try to establish a bike lane on Fell Street along the Wiggle bike route. Because Fell St. may be repaved this Spring, now is a good time to once again advocate for a bike lane on Fell St. along the crucial three-block section between Scott and Baker Sts.

With this in mind, the Wiggle Committee began to reach out to neighborhood groups in the lower Haight and Alamo Square and gather support. Several SFBC members, neighborhood activists and community members have since come together and formed Safe Passage, a group committed to increasing the safety and comfort level of pedestrians, bicyclists and community members through traffic calming. The Wiggle Committee has decided that we will focus on working through Safe Passage for now, and reconvene after this project is completed to begin new projects.

Safe Passage needs more representation from bicyclists that live in or travel the Wiggle route. If you are interested in joining the Wiggle Committee's efforts, please contact Maggie Robbins at 415-431-3841 or maggie@wiggle.sf.ca.us.