Volunteer Needs

Volunteer Needs

BIKE TO WORK DAY Yes, itÕs near that time of year again, and we need lots of volunteers to staff energizer stations, solicit food donations, and lead bike trains. Or, get your company to promote bike commuting and Bike to Work Day. Call Mary at 431-BIKE, x1.

CARNAVAL 2000 The second ever SFBC contingent is gearing up for a fabulous Carnaval parade with plans including a large bike-propelled and fully decorated flatbed large enough to hold a drumming team and dancers, plus other assorted freaky or fancifully decorated bikes! Help build a float or decorate your bike and join us! For more info., call Clare at 415-776-6206.

MEETINGS GO QUARTERLY In an effort to make the SFBC General Membership meetings more participatory and informative, weÕve decided to switch from monthly to quarterly meetings. The new quarterly meetings will focus more on active SFBC campaigns and programs. We will continue to alert you to the new meeting times via email and the Tube Times.


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Special thanks to Bellwether for its annual Benefit SALE for the SFBC!