Transportation Revolution Creates Happier, Healthier SF by Tube Times Staff

Sociologists are busily studying the so-called SF Effect, a result of the transportation revolution which started in SF, and has since spread throughout the world. Studies prove that catering less to private automobiles and placing more emphasis on people results in decreasing people's stress levels, increasing their productivity at work, lengthening their lives, and ending war, famine, and all natural disasters. Not to mention improving people's love lives.

"I don't have to read the personal ads anymore," says Cassie Nova. "I meet so many interesting people while I'm out riding my bike, and I chat with them now rather than just flipping them off from inside my Land Rover."

Not only do peace and harmony reign supreme, but San Franciscans actually talk to their neighbors these days.

"Now that those loud, smelly, offensive cars aren't speeding up and down our street, we sit out on our stoop every evening to talk with neighbors," says Fred Rogers, who lives on Oak Street, where four former car lanes were converted into bike lanes.