Letters to the Editor

Parking in Palo Alto

Dear Tube Times,
Thanks for the great article about bikestations. We really need them in San Francisco. You forgot to mention the Palo Alto BikeStation at the Caltrain Depot which has everything including free valet parking, repairs, rentals, refreshments and really long hours, 6am - 8pm weekdays. Maybe you could please list us in the Biker's Resource Guide this May and link us to your website? I've already started distributing the Tube Times down here.

Larry Chinn

Getting Political

Dear Editor,
A few months ago my friend almost got doored on Arguello Blvd. I'd been a member of the SFBC for about two years, and she had always said political organizations "just aren't for me."

Soon after her near-miss, you sent out your newsletter which chronicled your success and eventual striping of Arguello. I sent the newsletter to her. Soon after, you got two new members in my friend and her roommate. Just some positive reinforcement and a pat on the back. Keep up the good work! And the cycle continues!

Kirk Alexander

Decision Commended

Dear Editor,
I was disappointed to learn that the major opposition to the Academy's bonds was related to the parking garage, and want to commend the SFBC for sitting down with Academy officials and working out an agreement to stay neutral. As much as I don't like building more garages, the fact is that the underground garage in the Concourse was approved by the voters. I think it's time to move on from the battle and focus our energy on designing what the voters asked for--improved alternative transportation to and within the Park, a garage that will work, and a better Music Concourse. At best, this is going to be a very difficult process. It seems to me that working out a compromise that for the first time gets the Academy on record that they will stay neutral on a Saturday road closure when the garage is built is a major step in the right direction.

Marilyn Smulyan

Glamour Girls Ride

Dear Editor,
As a cyclist of the female persuasion, I thoroughly enjoyed your special issue devoted to women and cycling. However, I would like to add some advice for the ladies: never sacrifice glamour for cycling or cycling for glamour!

Remember, a bicycle of the right shade will match any outfit you choose to wear! And ladies, safety first! Even under a helmet, any hairdo will stay beautiful if you apply a can or two of hairspray. In fact, the hairspray may even keep the helmet securely attached to your head! And don't forget: a tube of lipstick fits easily into your patch kit. Use a bright shade: Fluorescent Fuschia or Really Really Red are both easily seen at night, even by passing motorists. Otherwise, simply stick with your favorite lip balm.

And finally, ladies, remember to inspire your girlfriends to ride as well! Tupperware parties and Bridge Clubs are fine opportunities to extol the joys of cycling. I, personally, look forward to the day the Junior League has bicycle parking at all of its fundraisers.

Remember, cycling is a special part of being a woman, and we should never feel deprived!

Sincerely Yours,
Prunella P. Pinkwater

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