Quick Releases


Outside the bicycle community, Bike to Work Day (BTWD) is little more than a blip on the radar to most folks. To get potential cyclists to take notice we need the help of our 2,600+ strong membership. We're depending on the passion and enthusiasm of SFBC members to infect their co-workers with the bicycling bug! So whether you're the head honcho or just another cog in the machine, here's a few cheap and painless ways to get your company involved with BTW Month in May:

Call Mary at 431-BIKE, x1 for sample letters to employers, outlines of brown bag lunch topics, and tips for scoring free stuff.


Now's your chance to fight for your right to bike and get paid for it! The SFBC is seeking an Office Manager. Our Office Manager will work 20 hours per week and have a wide range of tasks: managing and operating the Bicycle Resource telephone hotline (on contract with the DPT) and website, minor bookkeeping, some volunteer coordination, office equipment maintenance and purchasing. Preferred qualifications include: office management experience, knowledge of Mac OS and the Internet, good communication skills. Familiarity with bicycling in San Francisco is essential.

We expect hard work, dedication, and a strong commitment to teamwork and cooperation. In return, we offer a flexible work environment with many shared responsibilities. To start, pay is $10-11/hour plus benefits. Depending on qualifications and funding, the job could evolve into a higher level administrative position, and other advancement opportunities may be available.

This job is announced in the San Francisco Bay Guardian and the Tube Times. We hope to complete interviews by mid-April for a start date of May 1, so please send your resume immediately. It must be received in the office by 5 pm on April 10th to be considered.

Address your cover letter to Hiring Committee, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, 1095 Market Street, Ste. 215, San Francisco, CA 94103.


Have you ever tried bicycling or skating on the east end of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park on a Saturday, only to go back on Sunday and wonder if it was really the same park? Sunday closure has been, by far, Golden Gate Park's most popular attraction since its inception in 1967.

In February of this year, park activists including members of the SFBC, the Alliance for Golden Gate Park, the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association, Walk SF, and other groups decided that the time was right to pursue a Saturday closure of JFK Drive, much the same way it has been on Sundays for the past 33 years. On March 10th, the Advocates for a Safe Golden Gate Park submitted a ballot measure for the November elections called the "Golden Gate Park Enhancement Act of 2000" which calls for Saturday closure on the same terms as the Sunday closure, and also urges the City to develop better alternative means of transportation for getting to GG Park, consistent with its Transit-First policy.

The SFBC obviously supports Saturday closure, but at press time, the Board of Directors had not decided on our specific role in this measure.

This effort will take a lot of work, including gathering more than 10,000 signatures within the next few months, but the results will be impressive.For more information or to get involved subscribe to the email discussion list [send email to saturdayjfk-subscribe@topica.com], or call Leah at the SFBC at 431-BIKE, x2.