How Could You Volunteer? Let Me Count the Ways...

Adopt A Sitting Bike
Do you park your bike in full racks at work or school? Those lonely bikes are empty receptacles waiting to be filled with SFBC bike propaganda! Leaving flyers or Tube Times on bikes is an easy & quick way to spread current bike information to lots of people.

Pride Bike Tour
The SFBC wants to have a Queer History Bike Tour this June, but first needs to find that special person to plan and coordinate the ride! Could be a really, really fun ride--with stops highlighting the rich and varied history of queer SF culture. If you can help, contact Patricia at

Too Damn Busy?
Then our Wednesday volunteer nights are perfect for you! Come help for 10 minutes to 3 hours with crucial office tasks that keep our office functioning! Tasty dinner and guaranteed interesting people included! Call Mary at 431-BIKE, x1 to volunteer in any of these ways.

Nancy Botkin, Tracey Iglehart, Michael Calfee, Jeff Swenerton, Mary Wings, Madeline Delage, Michael Phillips, Aimee Patten, Brett Lutz, Cobie Howard, Simon Walker, Tempe Sikora, Sheila Kaeppler, Nadia Khastagir, Greg Howard, John Fall, John Seagrave, Stuart Coulthard, Ethan Derner, Jim Morrisson, Keith Saggers, Jon Winston, Beth Verdekal, Justin Smith, Zoe Keating, Jeff Rusch, Cobie Howard, Elizabeth Sullivan, Kate White

SPECIAL THANKS ALSO go to Anchor Brewing Company and Bitch Magazine for their much-appreciated generosity, and to the Koret Foundation for their donation of a scanner to the SFBC.