Tube Times Index

  1. Average amount of steel in four-door sedan automobile: 1,800 pounds.
  2. Average amount of steel and iron in a light-truck, mini-van or SUV: 2,200 pounds.
  3. Approximate weight of an average steel-frame bicycle: 25 pounds.
  4. How many bicycles could be produced with the steel from an average four-door sedan: About 72.
  5. Number of autos and light-trucks produced in U.S. annually: At least 16 million.
  6. How many bicycles could be produced based on steel used in vehicles: About 1.15 billion.
  7. How many vehicles produced annually per U.S. citizen: 0.6.
  8. How many steel-frame bicycles could steel used in vehicles produce annually per U.S. citizen: 4.2.
  9. Number of bicycle and bicycle parts plants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: About 80.
  10. Amount Birkenstock Sandal Company contributed to the "Yes" campaign to widen Highway 101 to six lanes in Sonoma County: $1,500 [Fortunately, the measure lost.]

Sources: 1-2, 5) International Iron & Steel Institute convention, Mexico City, October 1999; U.S. Census Bureau, as of Nov. 1, 1999; 9) The Vietnam Investment Review. 10) San Francisco Chronicle