Busy Year for State Bike & Ped Improvements

This year holds enormous potential for legislative reform that could significantly increase funding for bicycle projects and make bicycling and walking an integral part of the transportation system. Here's a brief summary of some key bills:

Senate Bill 1629 -- The Good Roads Bill is the #1 legislative priority in the California cycling community. It would require that most road projects include bike lanes or a paved shoulder or a wide outside lane for bicyclists and sidewalks, paths or walkways.

SB 1772 -- Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) funding would increase from $1million/year to $12million/year.

SB 1809 -- Enhancements funding would add about $20million annually to the state's Enhancements program, which funds trails, bike lane and education projects.

Assembly Bill 1885 -- Speed Limit Reform would require that the "impact upon bicyclist and pedestrian safety" be considered when speed limits are established, thus empowering local agencies to set lower speed limits.

AB 2140 -- Regional Planning for Livable Communities should enable reformers to break the stranglehold that pro-sprawl forces have on regional transportation planning.

AB 2522 -- Pedestrian Bill of Rights would overhaul the vehicle code to improve pedestrians' and bicyclists' rights and safety.

See the full text of any bill at www.leginfo.ca.gov.

Please write your assemblymember (for Assembly bills) or state senator (for Senate bills) in support of this Livable Communities Legislative package. Fax numbers: Assemblymembers Kevin Shelley: 916-319-2112 and Carole Migden: 916-319-2113 and Senators John Burton: 916-445-4722 and Jackie Speier: 916-327-2186.