Letters to the Editor

Speaking Up for Moms on Bikes

Dear Editor,
I have a comment regarding the March Tube Times (issue on women and cycling). I'm a woman who used to bike to work every day and to the grocery store, even to go out dancing at night.

I recently had a baby and it's had a major effect on my lifestyle. It's no longer possible to be so free with myself or my time. I can't bike to work because it takes too much time, plus I don't have the energy to keep up with the baby. Not to mention the fact how scary it is. Before, if something were to happen to me, no sweat, but not any more. I don't have the time or the luxury to get hurt.

I have a bike seat for little Diego and have recently started venturing out with him. But my excursions are of limited radius and time.

So, to get down to it, your analysis of why women are out there [biking] in less numbers was short-sighted. Child care is still the responsibility of the woman, for the most part. Raising an infant is not 50-50 work distribution for most (not all) couples. (Although I haven't met a couple yet where the work is split 50-50.)

Please consider us mothers who would love to be out pedaling around, but feel it's too dangerous or don't have the time or energy.

Beatriz Bofill
The Biking Mom

Thanks to UCSF

Dear Editor,
Kudos to the UCSF transportation department for responding quickly to a report I made to them via email of aggressive driving (honking, crowding) and running a red light by one of their drivers.

They noted they were investigating the incident and were going to have a team meeting on reinforcing safety with the drivers, especially regarding driving on Market St.

Its nice to know they are listening and acting. A quick email can do wonders!

Curtis Paullins

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