Quick Releases

Bike to Giants Game

Fewer Giants fans than predicted drove cars to the first games of the season. The parking lots had thousands of empty spaces, and the wide streets with six lanes around the new ballpark were almost devoid of cars but crowded with people walking from work and transit.

More than 200 people came by bicycle, half of whom parked in the bike parking lot and half of whom locked to poles and fences around the stadium, unaware that the Giants have provided free, secure attended bicycle parking for their fans. The SFBC manages the parking on contract with the Giants. The SFBC's Valet Parking Coordinator, Kash, and Victor Veysey of the Bike Hut, jointly manage the facility for the SFBC. Youth workers from disadvantaged communities also staff the facility.

Closer than the nearest car parking space and the Caltrain station, the bike parking lot is just across the Third Street bridge from the stadium, about 100 yards from the Lefty O'Doul Plaza entrance to the stadium. The Bike Coalition will be sponsoring a bicycle tour of San Francisco stadiums, past and present, sometime this summer.

Calming 7th Avenue

A grassroots movement by SFBC members in the western part of the City is underway to ensure that you have a blissful ride, a safe walk or (if you must) a smooth and relaxing drive all the way down Laguna Honda/7th Avenue to the park. In this vision a noisy, dangerous and confusing roadway becomes a route that is pleasant for all.

People use LH/7th Avenue to get from the Twin Peaks area to the park and to cross town on their way to City College or SF State University. Unfortunately, current traffic on LH/7th moves much too fast. At the same time, traffic jams are common, and a car attempting to turn can back up traffic for blocks. And what's frustrating for cars is downright dangerous for cyclists, as they contend with lanes that stop and start. Pedestrians have a sidewalk most of the way, but it is sometimes narrow, broken, or lacking trees to buffer the traffic.

We want to eliminate all these headaches. Should we have bike lanes for the entire length of the road? Should we change the widths of the general traffic lanes to accommodate bikes? We have talked about street tree planting and better enforcement of speed limits. We are working with city staff to learn the best ways to make this a better street for all of us.

If you use this route, please join us. Email Jenn Fox at jgrey.fox@stanfordalumni.org, or call Peggy da Silva before 9 pm at 759-6702. Our next meeting is May 10th.

Bikes in Carnaval!

This year the SFBC will be in the Carnaval parade Sunday, May 28th in collaboration with Loco Bloco, a Mission group that teaches dance and drumming to youth in SF and the East Bay, and Cell, a community-oriented arts and education non-profit in Cell Space.

The SFBC/Loco Bloco/Cell contingent's theme is The Reincarnation of the Ghetto Nation. It's about our vision of the urban community we'd like to live in. It will feature musicians on a bike powered float, a bike circus, dancers and drummers performing a medley of music and dance. Giant puppets and a "Jamcycle", a funky 3-person bike band, are in the works.

Mae Silver, an expert on SF's suffrage movement, talked about the fiery women who successfully sued for admittance into Hastings Law School during the recent SFBC Women's History Bike Tour. About 50 bicyclists pedaled to sites related to the little-known women who helped shape SF through the turn of the century. Photo by Mike Smith.
Want to join us? Bicycles are needed to carry water and food for the performers, and also to carry the littlest drummers, 5-year-olds who can keep the beat but whose little feet can't quite make the 14 block parade route. We want kids on bikes, seniors on bikes, choppers, folding bikes, funny and funky and beautiful bikes. We'll have a bike decorating party. Bike dancers, dancing bikes, bike acrobats and your ideas are needed too. Contact clare@igc.org or call 776-6206.