Welcome to Newest SFBC Staffer

This month we welcome Nancy Botkin to our growing SFBC office team. As the part-time Office Manager, Nancy will help make our cramped quarters an efficiently buzzing hub of bicycle activism. She will also administer the Bicycle Information Hotline, a one-stop phone shop for information about bicycling, which the SFBC will operate on contract for the city's Department of Parking and Traffic.

Nancy is well known to regulars at Wednesday Volunteer Night, and those who have seen her wonderful lecture and slide show on the history and culture of women and biking, as well as the recent Women's History bike tour. Nancy comes to the SFBC team not only with excellent administrative and database programming credentials, but also with extraordinary energy and dedication to making SF the best darn place to bike anywhere on the planet. We are lucky to have her working for our mission. Welcome, Nancy!