Bike Parking Is Home Run at Giants Stadium by Kash

Remember all that fuss and worry about parking at the Giants stadium before the season began? Well, it's been nothing but smooth pedaling and parking for those choosing to bike to the game. The bike parking lot at the new Giants stadium, run by the SFBC, is a smashing success already. With the help of the kids from the Bike Hut, we parked 130 bikes on opening day, with additional bikes parked around the area. The bike parking facility is on Third St. at the south end of the Third St. Bridge. We're seeing a higher percentage of first-time and occasional riders, including a lot of recreational riders who have not commuted by bike before. Several clients bought bikes just for games, and one local business even bought a fleet of cruisers for their employees.

The bike parking facility run by the SFBC regularly parks more than 100 bikes a game. Photo by Kash.
We've parked riders from Mill Valley and way down the Peninsula and people who come to the city on mass transit, then ride to the stadium. We even parked a former mayor's tandem. It typically takes three minutes to park or pick up your bike.

It's clear that people don't choose to ride to events if they perceive that their bikes aren't safe. So our monitored valet service encourages people who haven't ridden a bike in years to give it a try because it's more practical than driving, not just the right thing to do. We're also serving long time riders who tell me they feel their commitment is validated by our success. Somebody even rode up yelling, "It's here, it's really here!" and hugged me. We are still working on improving advertising of this service. There's a huge untapped demand for this prime, easy parking. So please help us get the word out, and we'll fill up the lot. We have space for 200 bikes now, and room to expand.

Ironically, after all the fuss about the need for car parking around the Giants stadium, those car lots are regularly going 30% empty. It may not be long before we see the number of bikes parked surpass cars.

The SFBC also provides valet bike parking at other events, especially street festivals and park events this summer. To volunteer, call Kash at 235-4215.