Bike-to-Work Day Thanks

Bike-to-Work Day was fabulous thanks to SFBC volunteers' work! We're nothing without you!

Thanks to everyone who worked the Energizer Stations:
Jeff Swenerton, Caleb Kleppner, Richard Lynch, Karen Franklin, Simon Walker, Linda Brannan, June Dershweitz, Thomas Hadfield, Andy Thornley, Alyson Jacks, John Seagrave, Terry Baum, Ann Pisanelli, Jim Wolff, Paul McCainn, Casey Allen, Demian Smiley, Brandon Jones, Marieke Blyzeski, Marcia Weisbrot, Robin Levitt, Tim Pauly, Stacie Chun, Tomas Payet, Tim Shea, Sara Taillon, Darryl Skrabak, Andy Sallach, Dave Elson, Tom Harriman, Deb Janes, Susan Silber, Lindsay Hassett, Janice Voorsluys, Stella Tatola, Sandra Dunn, Johanna Crane, Jon Winston, Justin Smith, Brett Lutz, Susannah Meek, Marty Kutler, Emily Tilles, Hal Looby, Anna Sojourner, Michael Cobb, Catherine Kelly, Matt Spencer, Patrick Myall, Lisa McHenry, Ivan Abeshaus, Brandon Fine, Susan King, Keith K., Craig Snyder, Billy Blattner, Karen Vardeman, Fred Preyer, Elizabeth Barner, Chris Robertson, Mara Frattasio, Maureen Burke, Stephanie Royston, Alex Lantsberg, Karen Brehm, Nadia Khastagir, Rhonda Winter, Kevin MacPhee, Darla Bratton, Steven Bodzin, Tom Adams & Nick Carr.

An extra huge thanks to our brilliant BTWD volunteer graphic designers and treat solicitor!
Dave Mahoney, Saul Lewis, Ben Shaykin, Mike Calfee, Ethan Derner

Thanks to our BTWD donors & promoters!
Timbuk2, Clif Bars, Rainbow Grocery, Nantucket Nectars, Pick Me Up Cafe, Noahs Bagels, Peets Coffee, Starbucks, Just Desserts, Blazing Saddles, SOMA Inn Cafe, BART, Confetti, Clean Well Lighted Place for Books, Dept. of Parking and Traffic, B.O.B. Trailers and Katz Bagels.

Thanks to our local officials who gave bicycing a try!
Supervisors Tom Ammiano, Mark Leno, Leslie Katz, Alicia Becerril, Michael Yaki, and Mayor Willie Brown

Special thanks to Rainbow Grocery for their support. We apologize for an error in our Annual Report acknowledging Rainbow. They were the largest cash sponsor for the SFBC's annual Member Party & Auction last year, donating $2,500. Bravo!