Volunteer Profile: Michael Calfee
The Truth behind Wednesday Volunteer Nights and Riding in Stiletto Heels
by Mary Brown

Michael Calfee
Age: 24
Occupation: Freelance Web Design
SFBC Member since December '98
Volunteer hours per week: 0-5
His bike: A glitterized Trek

Why'd you join? The SFBC was the first group I saw coherently talking about alternatives to cars, not just recreational biking.

What volunteer projects do you take on? Volunteer night, I organized a bike decorating party and a helmet decorating party, tabling for the SFBC at events, valet bike parking, web design work, and I organized a bike tour of thrift shops.

What keeps you coming back to volunteer night? Stress relief. I can just go and do brainless things like stuff envelopes or whatever. The people are so friendly and I can listen to Johnny Cash and eat pizza. The SFBC makes it easy to devote an hour or two, and you can come back later for another hour or two when you have the time.

So...how hard is it to ride in stiletto heels? Oh super easy. People always make it sound like it's impossible, but you're not supposed to use the heel of your foot when pedaling anyhow. The stiletto isn't even involved, except to add glamour. You have to be a little more careful when starting off, but it's hella easy to get used to.

What's the best part of riding in SF? Independence. You don't have to try and find a cab, don't have to wait for a bus. You can be drunk and ride a bike without having to worry about it really.

Have you ever been on the Volunteer Wall of Shame? Oh yes! The task was forging Dave Snyder's name on a stack of letters (can I talk about that fraudulent task?) and I signed something like "Head Honcho" instead of "Dave Snyder." I only did it once but Mary Brown caught me immediately! I'm sure whoever received the letter would have appreciated it, but Mary didn't and put it on the Volunteer Wall of Shame.

Any other volunteer surprises we don't know about? Not that I'd tell you about!

How would you get more volunteers involved? Making it fun. Fun is very important.

Rate the SFBC's fun factor on a scale of 10 (with 10 being the highest). An eight...or, well a nine.

How would you make it better? Make the fun factor better? Oh you want something constructive! Well let me change my rating to a 10 ‘cuz it can't possibly improve.

Would you ever date a guy who didn't ride a bike? Well, my honey had a VW Bug when we met, which he later sold after he got his bike. So, yes I would, if I wasn't happily married — and then would convert them. If he weren't convertible, well then I'd have problems.