Letters to the Editor

Bikes Save the Environment

Dear Editor,

Hi. My name is Alex. I am in fourth grade and go to Live Oak School. I was wondering if you could build more bike lanes and do more Critical Masses to save the environment. This is why: We're doing a class project about protecting the environment. If we have more Critical Masses and more bike lanes there won't be much pollution.


Alex Akin

Promote Bike-to-School Day

Dear Editor,

Hi. My name is Andrew. I go to the Live Oak School. I was wondering if you could do Bike-to-School-Day? It would be the same as Bike-to-Work-Day, but kids would ride with adults. We need this because of pollution. Pollution is a huge problem on this planet. We need Bike-to-School-Day not only because of pollution because it will get kids involved in biking experience and saving this earth, because it's the only one we've got. So we need your help!

Your Friend,

Andrew Allio

Thanks for the Confidence

Dear Editor,

Every day, I use the Valencia St. and 14th St. bike corridors to get to work and they are much more pleasant than they used to be. I am even confident enough now to pull my kids in the bike trailer on that street, something I never would have done before the traffic calming measures were put in place. This is my tenth year of bike commuting. In that time, we have seen bikes on Caltrain, more bikes on BART, bike slots on Santa Clara County trains, bike racks on the SAMTRANS bus, and all sorts of improvements to bike riding in the city. You all have done a great job.


John Talbott

Getting Easier

Dear Editor,

You are all doing a great job! I can tell because the cars are much more aware. I've noticed this particularly when I have been forced to take the lane. Even though I slow traffic up - stopping for lights, people, etc. - the cars don't seem to mind. Biking is getting easier.


Jonn Herschend

Getting Better All the Time

Dear Editor,

I enjoy the bike lane between Market and Folsom on 14th Street. It has made my morning commute much safer, and more relaxed. All of the newish bike racks have made life so much easier. Your actions have improved the quality of life here dramatically.


Licia DeMeo

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