SFBC Offers Paid Internships

The SFBC staff picked three projects that we want to see happen, but which need the right person with the passion and skills to undertake. All three are specific, short-term internships with stipends of $500 through our mini-grant program. We'd like self-starters who are interested in the proposed topic and have experience with research and writing. For more information about the internships, call Mary at 431-BIKE, x-1.

  1. Developing a Health Campaign
    Many other states and countries have successful bicycle promotion campaigns that focus on the positive health-related benefits of bicycling. We'd like to start one in SF and this internship is to specifically develop (not implement) a health-related campaign. Includes research on existing health-related campaigns, a comprehensive outline for a SF-based campaign, identification of potential allies or co-sponsors, and identification of potential funding sources.
  2. Race, Class & Bicycling Report
    Clearly, there are major cultural, social, and economic factors that affect transportation choices. The goal of this internship is to produce a paper examining these factors and suggesting concrete ways to successfully overcome such obstacles and promote bicycle use among communities of color and neighborhoods unaffected by the recent economic boom.
  3. Collision Analysis
    This internship is based on NYC's Right of Way project, which documented collisions involving bicyclists and pedestrians. This project would include an in-depth analysis of SF accidents statistics, demographics and probabilities, as well as a plan for action for using the findings most effectively.

Don't Yell at the Mail Carrier

It's not the U.S. Postal Service's fault if next month's Tube Times arrives late. We'll be holding it up about a week to include ballots for all members to vote for the SFBC's endorsement of candidates for the Board of Supervisors in the November election. So, expect your newsletter the second week of October, and please return your ballots promptly to make a difference in this year's election.