I Bike and I Vote by Tube Times Staff

Your vote matters more than ever on December 12th as candidates for the powerful Board of Supervisors head into run-off elections. The Board will decide on all important transportation matters in SF, including approval of every inch of bike lanes.

The SFBC enthusiastically recommends the following pro-bike candidates: District

1: Jake McGoldrick
3: Aaron Peskin
5: Matt Gonzalez
6: Chris Daly
10: Sophie Maxwell
11: Gerardo Sandoval

To help get this bike-friendly slate elected, we need your help. Please call the SFBC office to volunteer for an hour or two before the crucial election: 431-BIKE, x-2. And check out our website at www.sfbike.org for more details on candidates' positions and how to get involved in the election. VOTE December 12th.