Quick Releases

SFBC To Elect Board

This month SFBC members will elect representatives to the Board of Directors. The Board, which meets monthly as a group and more frequently in committees, oversees the administration, budget, personnel, fundraising, long-range planning, and other Coalition business, and it holds legal and financial responsibility for the SFBC's affairs.

At least seven seats are open, each for a two-year term. Campaign statements and a ballot should be included in all current SFBC members' newsletters. Please return your ballots to the SFBC office by the due date on the ballot.

Bike Racks Spring Up on Waterfront

With help from the SFBC, the Port of San Francisco was awarded an $85,000 grant to provide bicycle parking along the Waterfront. The grant will fund up to 500 bicycle racks that will be placed at dozens of locations from Aquatic Park to India Basin. The racks will be the inverted-U design used at other locations around the City. As the new bike racks are installed next Spring, dozens of destinations along the waterfront will become more accessible to bicyclists.

Traffic Not Bad Enough Yet?

If you think the buses already sit in too much traffic on Mission and Market Streets downtown, check this out: two huge garage expansions are planned for Mission Street between Fifth and Third. The first plan will add three levels to the Hearst Garage on Third Street between Mission and Market Streets. The Planning Commission will soon hear a request for approval of this use; the SFBC will work with Rescue Muni to energize transit riders to oppose this absurdity. The second proposal is even worse: the Department of Parking and Traffic wants to expand the Fifth & Mission garage. They would add nearly a 1,000 spaces to a garage that rarely fills to capacity. Both of these projects violate the Board of Supervisors' recommendation to restrict parking expansion to south of the freeway, to prevent unnecessary congestion on SoMa streets. The Mayor sincerely thinks the majority want more parking on Mission Street; write him (City Hall, SF 94102) and make sure he understands otherwise.

Bike Parking In All City Garages

Bike racks should be in place in city-owned garages throughout the city by February 1st. In a meeting with the SFBC in late summer, Fred Hamdun, Executive Director of the Department of Parking and Traffic, was displeased that the city's own garages were not in compliance with city law requiring bike parking in all public and private garages, and pledged to correct it within 60 to 90 days. According to law, racks should be placed "in highly visible areas to minimize theft and vandalism, at least as conveniently as the most convenient non-disabled car parking space." City garages where you should find good bike parking include Sutter & Stockton, 5th & Mission, Union Square, and the Performing Arts Garage on Grove Street near Gough. Contact Hamdun at 554-9811 (or fred_hamdun@ci.sf.ca.us) to thank him for finally bringing city garages into compliance with the bike parking requirement.

Eighth grade students of Treasure Island School pause during a day of bicycle riding in Golden Gate Park. They were part of a pilot program sponsored by the SFBC and a grant from the SF Education FUnd. The program emphasized bicycle skills, safety, and advocacy during P.E. Classes. Fourteen of the 32 students in the program learned to ride a bike for the first time.