Member Profile: Amandeep Jawa by Mary Brown

Name: Amandeep Jawa
Age: 31
Occupation: Software Engineer
Neighborhood: Mission District
Member Since: 1997

Why'd you join? To support the group because I like its work and I bike all the time. And to meet fabulous biking babes.

How often do you ride? Daily.

How long have you been biking for transportation? Four years. I started because I realized the hills weren't that bad after all.

What other groups are you involved with? I'm President of the SF League of Conservation Voters. The League is where the environmental movement meets local politics. We endorse a lot of candidates and put out slate cards. We lobby the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors on environmental issues. My personal focus in the League is transportation issues.

What do you think is going to happen with the new Board of Supervisors? I am terribly excited about the new Board. This is a group of Supervisors that is more interested in their responsibilities to San Franciscans rather than for moneyed interests or traditional political power interests. Almost all of them are simply good, smart people who care about SF.

What's your impression of the SFBC's first-time involvement in the election of candidates? Utterly fantastic, and I mean that very seriously. I've worked a lot in local campaigns and the thing that impresses and makes me proud of the SFBC is the way it can really rally volunteers. Committed and hard-working people really do a cause, an issue, a campaign, a candidate. A lot of my work with the League and other environmental groups has a small group feel to it. We're always really happy to join with the SFBC because you can help us by getting out the flyers and doing the heavy lifting for lots of campaigns. And I think that's amazing.

What do you think we should approach the Board with first? Well, I think the environmental community needs to prioritize and figure out as a group what our highest priorities are. I think Saturday closure [of JFK Drive] is an easy one. I'm sure we're going to do it. Now is a really good time to get some of the more important bike lanes that have been difficult to get through the Department of Parking & Traffic. And traffic calming type stuff.

Any particular street you'd like to get bike lanes on? Umm. I want Fell Street.

Do you think it's possible for the SFBC to be involved in electoral politics without selling out? On the contrary. I think it's impossible for the Bike Coalition to do good work without getting involved with politics. I mean, everything that's important ends up in the political arena sooner or later, and what we're doing is really important.

Anything else to add? Yes! Tell people to wear helmets! Wear your helmet, damn it! Especially SFBC Board of Directors and staff!

You've got a thing about helmets? Yeah, I've read about how much of a difference it could make. And I don't want to look like the only dork wearing a helmet.