Ask The Advice Pedaler: Etiquette for the Conscientious Cyclist

Dear Advice Pedaler,
Can you please help settle a dispute between me and the doorman of a building I visited recently? I had important business to attend to on the 7th floor. The doorman would not let me pass with my bike. I insisted that it was my right to bring my bike with me into any office building in SF and I'd come back and show them the law.

Me & My Bike Never Miss a Day

Dear Me and My Bike,
Unfortunately, there is no law that says you can bring your bike anywhere you please. Since the doorman is only enforcing management's policies, kindly ask your host to contact the building management and request that they change their bike-unfriendly rules. In the meantime, do not fret! There is a wonderful ordinance that says that all parking garages, public or private, must provide bicycle parking. Politely ask the doorman where the nearest parking garage is. (Sadly, not all garages are in compliance yet, but we're working on it!)

Dear Advice Pedaler,
I've been cleaning out the garage of my dear Aunt Minnie ever since she died last year. I found a few old bikes and a pile of miscellaneous accessories. They're not too old, since she was an active cyclist until the end, but they definitely need some work. Is there a place I can donate them?

Aunt Minnie's nephew

Dear Nephew,
The following non-profit organizations accept donations of bicycles and parts. They each have programs to train teenagers to be noble bike mechanics.
Pedal Revolution: 415-641-1264
Bicycle Community Project: 415-561-6578
Bike Hut at Pier 40: 415-543-4335
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