Quick Releases

New Bike Parking at 16th St. BART

New bike racks at 16th Street.
Bike commuters have another multi-modal option combining bikes and BART. 36 shiny, new bike racks are in place at the 16th Street BART station. After many complaints from cyclists about the restrictions on bikes on trains during busy commute hours, BART is adding more bike parking throughout the system. The racks at the 16th St. station are placed inside the paid area, behind the gates, and within view of staff. Because the level of use of these bike racks is expected to influence BART's decision to add bike parking in other stations, please tell your biking friends to try them out. And if you can volunteer to distribute flyers around the station, please call 431-BIKE, x-1.

Valencia Bike Lanes Face Ultimate Test

Even though the Valencia Street bike lanes are undeniably the most popular bike facility in the city - boosting bike ridership by 144% and lowering injury accidents for all types of street users - they still await final city approval, as they are technically still a trial measure. The first step: the bike lanes were unanimously approved by the city's Parking & Traffic Commission in December. (Despite an unexplainable objection from Commissioner Cesar Ascarrunz, who claims that he drives on Valencia St. daily and rarely sees bicyclists using the lanes. Are we talking about the same Valencia St. here?)

The legislation is expected to move to the Board of Supervisors within the next few weeks. Watch the SFBC's email list and website for updates. Because they are a solid success, Valencia St. is expected to pass, but the attention it receives is important to set the precedent for future bike lane approvals, particularly Polk St. later this year.

SFBC Welcomes New Board Members

In a suspense-filled election, SFBC members elected seven candidates to the seven seats available on the SFBC's new Board of Directors. The Tube Times welcomes the newcomers and returning members. The SFBC's new Board of Directors includes several executive directors and small business leaders to complement the community organizers. Members Jose Najar, Kate Bickert, Charles Higgins, Paul Carroll, Brian Smith, and Robin Levitt were just elected, and will face reelection in two years. Erika Lovejoy was also elected, but will be unable to serve due to a move to Lake Tahoe. Members Linda Atkins, Dale Danley, Chris Fenster, James Robinson, and Maggie Robbins will stand for reelection this November.

The Board will meet Feburary 10th to update the SFBC's strategic plan, which will set the organization's priorities over the next two years. To provide input into that process, call Dave Snyder at 431-2453, x-3. Board meetings are always open to members and are listed in the Chain of Events, p.4.

Golden Gate Park Entrance Debated

Bicyclists' main entrance to Golden Gate Park is at the intersection of the Panhandle path and Stanyan Street, a dangerous and ugly expanse of asphalt and speeding cars, which have claimed the lives of two pedestrians and caused dozens of injuries in the last two years. A proposal to fix the intersection has been "put on hold indefinitely due to a lack of funds" according to the Department of Parking & Traffic Bicycle Program's Monthly Report.

Voters recently approved a $100 million bond for Golden Gate Park improvements, and the state of California recently increased its contributions to SF's Recreation and Park Department.

"It's not truthful that there's a lack of funds," says Dave Snyder, the SFBC's Executive Director. "The truth is: it's not a priority to the Rec. and Park Department." The SFBC urges its members to insist that this deadly intersection be fixed immediately. Please sign and send in the postcard inserted in your newsletter.