A Blueprint for Better Biking by Leah Shahum

Thanks to a strong, active membership and a supportive, bike-friendly Board of Supervisors, the SFBC is in a better position than ever before to achieve our vision of a city where it is fun, easy, safe and comfortable to bike. In last month's newsletter we shared a big-picture look at agenda for 2001. Following is a more detailed agenda, including legislative priorities, important departmental initiatives, and the Top 22 Bike Network priorities. We are sharing our agenda with Supervisors and city department heads, and already we're seeing some of these initiatives move forward (see Shorts). If you want to help us advocate for any of these priorities, call Leah at 431-BIKE, x-2.

Local Legislative Priorities:

  1. Bike Network Implementation (see top priorities, below)
  2. Budget Allocation for Market Street planning
  3. Budget Allocation for environmental analysis of Bike Network
  4. SoMa Parking Moratorium (pending further transporta-tion analysis)
  5. Required Bike Parking in New Buildings, Access to Freight Elevators in All Buildings
  6. GG Park JFK Dr. Saturday Closure


  7. Zoning Changes Reducing Residential Parking Requirements
  8. Bike Network Statement of Policy & Oversight of Bike Plan's Development
  9. Bike Parking Required in Affordable Housing Units
  10. Increase Fine for Parking on Sidewalks
  11. Training, Data Collection Required by Police Dept. & District Attorney
  12. Establish Bicycle Parking at Transbay Terminal, SF Caltrain & BART Stations, Ferry Bldg./Agriculture Bldg.

Administrative Policy Priorities:

  1. Health Department
  2. Planning Department
  3. Transportation Authority
  4. Dept. of Parking & Traffic (DPT)

Bike Network Priorities: