Bike To Work Day and More!

Bike to Work Day on its Way!
The SFBC needs about 150 volunteers in order to promote/prepare/present BTWD on Thursday, May 17th. Volunteer gigs include: staffing an Energizer Station; designing posters and flyers; posting said posters around town; soliciting free treats for Energizer Stations; promoting the Healthy Commute theme; presentations with the SFBC Speakers Bureau; outreach to employers and much, much more. Call Mary at 431-BIKE, x-1 if you'd like to help.

Time for Tickets
Pay off your parking/traffic tickets and potential bad karma by volunteering with the SFBC. That's right, you can help make the streets safer for bicyclists while erasing your traffic debt to the DPT. It's through Project 20, an actual City program that lets car offenders volunteer at non-profits, like the SFBC, to erase traffic fines. Call Mary at 431-BIKE, x-1 for more information. We need your volunteer time more than the DPT needs your money.

Too Damn Busy?
Then our Wednesday volunteer nights are perfect for you! Come help for 10 minutes to 3 hours with crucial office tasks that keep our office functioning! Tasty dinner and guaranteed interesting people included. Call Mary at 431-BIKE, x-1 for more info. or stop on by for as long as you like. SFBC HQ (for now anyway), 1095 Market #215, at 7th Street.

Thanks to the SFBC's extra-special, super-fabulous volunteers! Brandon Fine, Karen Vardeman, Tomer Gurantz, Keith-the-bug-guy, Dylan Snodgrass, Liam Casey, Michael Calfee, Joe and Licia Corio, Bill Holt, Ned Horton, Dave Mahoney, Brett Lutz, Ethan Derner, Diana Waggoner, Kurt Shuck, Brandon Fine, Keith Ferris, Peggy DaSilva, Brandon Banauch, Tanu Mehrotra, Rene Rivera, and all the new Tube Times distributors.