SFBC Shorts

Bikes & Business

The SFBC promoted the pedestrian and bicycle agenda at the second Small Business Summit. After the first summit emphasized parking as the number one transportation need of neighborhood merchants, Supervisor Mark Leno invited the SFBC to the second summit to provide a different voice. We advocated for a progressive, long-range transportation plan that improves alternatives to cars, and for higher neighborhood housing density to increase the local customer base. The summit's final report reflected our perspective.

MUNI Bike Racks

You may have already noticed more bike racks sprouting up on buses around the city. Becoming one of the last transit agencies in the Bay Area to do so, Muni plans to outfit its entire bus fleet with bike racks. General Manager Michael Burns, who is a cyclist himself, pledged that all new Muni buses will be set up with racks, which hold two bicycles each. The entire bus fleet is being replaced during the next two-to-three years. Muni also plans to work more closely with the SFBC to ensure proper training of drivers regarding cyclists' safety.

Sharing Works

City CarShare, featured in last month's Tube Times, officially launched with enormous interest - more members than expected and great press attention. With so much interest in carsharing, the group is already looking to expand into more neighborhoods. If you have leads on free parking spaces, particularly in the Mission and Haight, please call 995-8588. For more on City CarShare, see www.sfcarshare.org.

Bicyclist On Powerful Bridge Board

Who says bicyclists are sidelined in San Francisco? The Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to appoint SFBC Program Director Leah Shahum to the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Board of Directors, which oversees not only the Bridge but also Golden Gate's transit and ferry system.

7th Avenue Update

The "Laguna Honda Gap" poses deadly threats to bicyclists seeking safe travel between Golden Gate Park and West Portal neighborhoods. Bike lanes on portions of 7th Avenue, Laguna Honda Blvd., and Dewey Blvd. give way to dangerous narrow conditions on other portions of those streets. Organizers are getting close to a proposal to close the gap, and Supervisors Matt Gonzalez (District 5, 554-7630) and Tony Hall (District 7, 554-6516), in whose jurisdictions the gap sits, are responsive to our proposals. If you travel this route, or would if it were improved, call your Supervisor and urge them to support bike lanes in the "Laguna Honda Gap." Your electoral district is printed on your newsletter label. Call SFBC member Peggy DaSilva for more information: 415-759-6702.

We're Walkin'...Yes Indeed!

Just when you thought cars couldn't take up any more room on the streets, they're invading the sidewalks too. While parking illegally on sidewalks is hardly a new issue, it has been a hot topic lately as the Department of Parking & Traffic (DPT) debates raising the measly $25 fine to a slightly less measly $50. To clarify any confusion, the SFBC supports higher parking fines - $100 seems like a more reasonable amount - not because we want people to ride their bikes on sidewalks. No way. We support high disincentives and strong enforcement of this illegal activity because it endangers people walking and hogs precious public space. Don't cars already take up enough space? If you agree, call your District Supervisor and let them know you support higher fines for sidewalk parkers. Don't let DPT cave in on this one.