Tube Times Index Compiled by Andrea Dudrow

  1. Weight of Daimler-Chrysler's new Unimog SUV: 12,500 pounds
  2. Weight of the Ford Excursion (currently the largest SUV on the market): 6,572 pounds
  3. Weight of the average hybrid bike: 28 pounds
  4. Number of pounds over its 26,000-pound payload that would require a driver of the Unimog to get a commercial truckers license: One pound
  5. Average fuel miles per gallon of the Unimog: 10
  6. Width of the Unimog, from tire to tire: 7 feet, 6 inches
  7. Width of the average car: 5 feet
  8. Amount the Unimog is wider than the GM Hummer, which is based on the Humvee military transport: 3.5 inches
  9. Number of steps a Unimog driver must ascend to reach the driver's seat: 3
  10. Base price of the Unimog: $84,000
  11. Base price for the average hybrid bicycle: $350
  12. Number of years one must leave a refrigerator door open to waste the same amount of energy as switching from an average new car to an average SUV: 6

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