Squeaky Wheel: SFBC Successes


It may get easier to find a safe parking space for your bike while you're at work. Supervisor Mark Leno introduced legislation at the Board of Supervisors to require bike parking in all new and majorly renovated commercial buildings. This would complement existing legislation that requires showers and lockers for employees in such new and renovated buildings. The SFBC is working closely with Leno's office on this. Stay tuned for upcoming public hearings. Thanks to Supervisor Leno.


Sick of driving to work in the South Bay? Annoyed with the Muni-to-Caltrain connection? Biking to meet the train is the answer! The planned bike station for Caltrain's SOMA station at 4th and King Streets is moving forward, thanks to support from San Francisco's top decisionmakers. Supervisor Tony Hall, who also represents the city on Caltrain's Joint Powers Board, introduced an official resolution supporting the bike station, which passed the Board unanimously in early April. The bike station would provide secure, monitored parking for Caltrain riders, which is long overdue since the bike cars on the train are already at full capacity. Thanks to Supervisor Hall.


Given the nasty conditions on our nation's roadways, it is not surprising that the number of kids who walk or ride bikes to school has dropped from 50% in the 1960's to under 10% today. We want to change that. The SFBC worked closely with SF Supervisor Sophie Maxwell as she introduced a Board Resolution in support of the Safe Routes to School Bill (State Bill 10) moving through the state legislature. The Resolution, which passed the Board unanimously, formalizes San Francisco's support for the state program implemented last year dedicating $20 million per year statewide to improving conditions for walking and biking around schools. Call your state representative to support SB10. And to find out more about applying for remaining funds to improve walking and biking conditions around a particular school in San Francisco, call Nick Carr at the Dept. of Parking & Traffic: 554-2309. Thanks to Supervisor Maxwell.


Welcome to Elizabeth Creely, the SFBC's newest staff person and first-ever Development Director. Recently from the development department of the Rainforest Action Network, Creely brings development experience and a passion for social change to her position as head of the SFBC's fundraising efforts. Working both for the SFBC and our sister organization, Transportation for a Livable City (TLC), she will supervise two events, the Golden Wheel Awards and the annual Member Party; coordinate our major donor campaign; and improve our foundation fundraising efforts.