SFBC Sends Thanks to...

Super volunteers Lisa McHenry, Pi Ra, Stuart Baker, Carla Laser, Diter Oviedo, Renee Rivera, Jenny Worley, Steven Bodzin, Maureen Burke, Michael Collins, Deb Janes, Dick Tilles, Patrick Myall, and Lynn Preble.

For generosity of influence and creativity: Rachel Arnstine, Michael Freeman, Alfonso Felder, and Don Solem.

For the purple prose of Tube Times contributors Jean Davis, Andrea Dudrow, Gernot Huber, and Nicole McMorrow.

Sending group hugs and kisses to Mary Brown. We're looking forward to your recovery. Hurry back because we miss you!

Bike To Work Day THANKS!

A thousand thanks to the scores of volunteers and donors who made the 2001 Bike to Work Day a rousing success! Nearly 10 percent of the cyclists who stopped by Energizer Stations were first-time bike commuters!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to:

Many thanks to our BTWD donors and promoters:
RIDES for Bay Area Commuters, California Academy of Sciences, Finnegan's Wake (gracious host of the Bike Away from Work Party), City CarShare, Sports Basement, Java City, Peet's Coffee, Starbucks, Rainbow Grocery, San Francisco Dept. of the Environment, San Francisco Dept. of Parking & Traffic, Road Rage bike shop, San Francisco Bicycle Messengers Association, Blazing Saddles bike shop, American Cyclery, Presidio Trust, and The American Lung Association