Letters to the Editor

Inspired in NYC

Congratulations to SFBC for its growing momentum and success. The May issue of Tube Times is outstanding. Short, smart and easy to read, you deserve to be proud of it. Thank you for succeeding and innovating. When you win, we win. We hold up your great ideas and wave them around as models for what New York City should be doing. Very inspiring work.

John Kaehny, Executive Director
Transportation AlternativeS, NYC

Gas Hikes = More Bikes

If gas prices reach $3 a gallon as expected this summer, this will be a terrific opportunity for the SFBC to bring awareness to using bikes as an alternative to cars, and to our "share the road" campaign. Also, several of our bike lanes are under attack; perhaps the cost of a gallon of gas will cause less car traffic, and get a few of our opponents to support bike lanes in their commercial districts.

Scott Durcanin

Helmets a No Brainer

To helmet or not to helmet. I know this debate is as old as the day is long, however, I feel that bike safety doesn't and can't get enough attention. As a regular bike commuter and mountain biker, I ride confidently through city streets. Yet I'm also cautious because I've been bumped, almost doored, and once performed a glass-shattering human missile through the passenger-side window of a car that cut me off.

It was the oblivious driver's fault, but no matter whose fault it was, I would be dead if it were not for that helmet. It took the impact of my 25 mph crash into the vehicle and left me intact. I was lucky. Very lucky. If I had not worn the helmet, I would have been showering the driver of that car with my brains, not just bits of window glass.

The upshot: Everyone who bikes on city streets is an activist who is helping to push forward the movement of more sane and sustainable transportation. I want every one of you wonderful pedal-power activists to stay alive to help feed this movement. We all know that car drivers are often clueless, over-aggressive or simply paying more attention to their cell-phones than the road. We're more fragile than they are. Wear a helmet.

Roger Miller

Equal Representation

I applaud your efforts to make Bike to Work Day a success in SF. But I was highly disappointed and frustrated at the complete omission of the whole northern end of the city. I was shocked when I looked at the map and noticed that there was not one Energizer Station to serve the large number of people who pass along the Marina Green every morning.

Unfortunately this is not the first time that I have felt shunned by the SFBC for living north of Market Street. Pacific Heights, the Marina and Russian Hill have an incredibly high percentage of bike owners who should be mobilized to use their bikes instead of their cars. I am dedicated to supporting the SFBC both monetarily and by volunteering on newsletter work nights. I just wish that I felt equally represented and supported by the efforts of the SFBC.

Leslie Veen

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