Tube Times Index Compiled by Stephanie Alting-Mees

  1. On eastbound Market Street approaching Van Ness Avenue from 8 to 9am on Bike to Work Day 2001, percent of all vehicles that were bikes: 45.2%
  2. Percent of vehicles on Market that were cars: 48.8%
  3. Number of bikes in the bike lane: 419
  4. Number of cars in the car lanes: 377
  5. Number of vehicles in the bus lane: 126 (79 cars illegally and 47 buses)
  6. Total amount City and County of San Francisco received from all "traffic fines," including parking tickets, last year: $71.8 million
  7. Total expenditures for enforcement: $35.7 million
  8. Net income: $36.1 million
  9. Percent of net income to the City and County of San Francisco generated by all traffic fines: 0.8%
  10. Time required to deliver 2,800 newsletters from SFBC headquarters in downtown San Francisco to the post office in Hunter's Point by bicycle with trailer (round trip, including getting necessary approvals from post office staff): 90 minutes

Sources: 1-5, San Francisco Department of Parking & Traffic; 6-9, Mayor's 2000-2001 Budget; 10, Volunteers Karen Vardeman and Tim Shea